What Is a Hair Salon?

Hair Salon is a business that provides services to clients for the styling of their hair. These may include washing, cutting, coloring, and chemical treatments. At the bare minimum, a hairdresser needs a cosmetology license and specialized training to provide these services. They also have access to expensive equipment and specialty products. Salons operate in a variety of ways, from large businesses with salaried workers that work scheduled shifts to elite places that require clients to make an appointment in advance.

Some salons only serve walk-in clients, who are serviced by available stylists at the time of their arrival. This type of salon is ideal for clients who don’t have a stylist preference, or who are unable to schedule their services ahead of time. Others, like this Brooklyn spot, are appointment-only and work on a clientele base of loyal regulars. This allows them to be able to predict how long their services will take, so they can prepare accordingly.

A Williamsburg hotspot, this salon is known for its bold coloring and eclectic styles, which attract celebrity and fashion editors as well as a stylish local crowd. Its 13 shampoo sinks and 53 stylist stations are enough to handle a full house of socialites, but the salon doesn’t feel too crowded thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows and cozy wood floors. This salon focuses on precision cuts, doing them on dry hair for a more precise assessment of the way it falls—and then sending clients on their way with a blowout to ensure their new style lasts through the night. Hair Salon

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