In ancient eras so many situations had cropped up that due to the atmosphere/environment becoming tainted people had to endure extraordinary hardships. A situation of anarchy spread out wide and unethical thinking/behavior ruled the roost. The result was that nature got angered manifesting in the form of decrease in crop growth,ENERGY FROM SUPER SUPER POWER YAJNAS GIVE US MULTIFACETED MATERIAL AND SPIRITUAL BE Articles peace and all round security. Further man’s vile activities reached levels of sheer unruly arrogance. Such people immersed in vile acts thinking that suppression and oppression of innocents is easy to become powerful took it up in a big way.

There is a lot of risk involved when we fight with our enemies. There is a fear of enduring a backlash. As against this attacking people friendly with us is fairly easy. It certainly is easier to lure someone dear to us in a shrewdly designed trap and then prey on them. By showing our innocent friends etc ‘benefits’ of bad addictions (alcohol, narcotic drugs etc) and tainted unethical activities anyone can be easily led towards this direction. Thus for a fairly long time period we can ‘suck’ up all their wealth etc. In any era when in the name of friendship enmity in a very wily subtle manner is harbored that era can only be destructive in nature. All those people who live in polluted areas definitely become sick off and on. Very similar to this those who contact a mentally polluted atmosphere full of vile thinking themselves become victims of mental ill health. Their brain balance does not remain the same as it is seen when they are in normal optimal situations. Very much akin to pure nutritious food, water and air breathed, our environment should ooze with goodwill towards all, ethical pious activities etc. In the absence of all this in a vile tainted atmosphere a dirty vile personality develops in human beings. In rotting smelling garbage only fungus and mushrooms can grow. Generations of humans that take birth and grow in an environment reeking with bad vile thinking become vile in stature. Such vile people pose huge hazards for people whom they contact and hence world society at large too due to its cascading effect.

In ancient eras time and again this had been witnessed. Demon Ravan whose psyche/inner personality actually was very powerful yet veered in the direction of atrocities and demonic activities. His children, grand children etc too imbibed demonic lowly activities only. Further demon Ravan’s aides, relatives, workers etc also walked the path of unruly demonic activities. People oppressed influenced by fear and allurements too followed in these demonic footsteps. Demonic thinking and activity spread out right from Lanka to Panchvati region. This entire region reeked to the brim with demonic activities and vile thinking. These tainted activities spread like epidemics and communicable contagious diseases and this gigantic region became a center of lowly tainted activities. It is well known that after Sita was kidnapped by demon Ravan, Lord Ram fought a marathon battle with this demon. At last demonic activities licked defeat and righteousness took over victoriously.

In the Dwapar Yuga (era), something akin to this again took place. The atrocious oppressive acts of demons like Kansa, Jarasandha, Shishupal, Duryodhan etc created fear intilling havoc everywhere. Those who were aides of these demons in a swift manner took up their dictatorial demonic authority in a widespread region. Thus the famous bloody Mahabharat War erupted. Under the authority of Lord Shri Krishna the Pandavas tasted victory and Dharmaraj Yudhishthira was crowned king.

In eras previous to this terror was spread by demons called Hiranyaksha, Hiranyakshipu, Vritrasur, Mahishasur, Bhasamasur etc time and again. Not only did they fearfully terrorize the human race but that by forcing demigods to flee their kingdom of heaven, tied them up with the noose of ignominious defeat. But later with the divine help of Almighty God these demons were defeated by the demigods.

In the above episodes described no doubt demonic behavior and thinking was defeated in a visible tangible manner. Despite their existence getting erased from this gross visible world they did remain active for a fairly long period. Due to the effect of vile thinking and corrupt unethical activities those tainted distortions that gather in the subtle unseen world have perforce to be uprooted. When we fail to uproot these subtle world taints attainments in the gross visible world very quickly get scattered to naught. Tainted distortions of the subtle unseen world, on getting an opportunity, again aid in cropping up of vile thinking and corrupt unethical activities. In hot sunshine grass at the upper region seems dried and withered yet as soon as it contacts rainfall it regains its lush green form. Very similar to this even if demonic behavior and thinking is suppressed yet it raises its hood and again sets rolling in terror and havoc on michael kors bags

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