What Are the Risks of a YouTube Live Stream?

Video streaming is a technology that lets people broadcast what they are doing in real time to a live audience online. This can be done using a smartphone, tablet or laptop and many apps and websites have a live stream function. Live streams can be created for a variety of reasons, from broadcasting birthday messages to family and friends to hosting topical Q&As or talent showcases.

Live streams can be watched by hundreds, even thousands of people and comments can be made on them as well. This can be appealing to children and young people who like being seen and heard by an audience. Being able to connect and interact with their favourite content creators or celebrities can also be exciting for them.

However, there are also risks involved with watching or creating live streams. It is possible that they may see age inappropriate content or be exposed to negative or offensive comments from other viewers.

It is important to talk with your child about the issues associated with using this technology. If your child is interested in using it, make sure they know how to contact you and other trusted adults for support and how to report concerns if they have any. This includes knowing how to report abuse and how to find help if they are concerned about someone online. Having this knowledge can help them to use live streams safely. youtube live stream viewers buy

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