Improve Your Speed and Accuracy With Typing Games

Typing games turn typing practice into an exciting game-like experience. They help kids and adults progress quickly and accurately in a fun way without even realizing it. When played regularly they can improve keyboarding skills as well as eye-hand coordination and cognitive abilities. They can also be used to develop patience and focus.

A good typing game must be challenging enough to push players to increase their speed and accuracy but not too difficult so that they become frustrated and quit. It should also give them immediate feedback on their performance so they can see their progress and where their weaknesses lie. Ideally it will highlight which keys they are struggling with allowing them to focus their learning efforts more on those areas.

There are several good free online typing games to choose from. Many of them can be customized to accommodate different skill levels and techniques. They can be used by beginners to learn how to type or advanced typists looking to improve their speed and consistency. They can be customized to challenge specific skills like number recognition, symbols and specialized vocabulary.

Some of the best typing games are based on popular video games such as Dance, Dance Revolution or Pac-Man. These use the same gameplay principles but substitute arrow keys with letters. In this version of Pac-Man for example children need to type words to navigate Key-Man through the maze avoiding the ghosts. The game also displays their typing statistics at the end of each round so they can track their improvement over time. Other games are racing-themed such as TypeRacer. In this game kids compete against other typists represented as race cars on the screen. The faster and more accurately they type the higher their score. typing games

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