The Benefits of an Instant Hot Water Tap

Designed to sit stylishly alongside your existing taps, an instant hot water tap (sometimes called a boiling tap or instant hot water dispenser) has a small insulated tank plumbed directly into the hot and cold plumbing lines under the sink. When activated by an additional lever or, in some cases, an extra motion of your existing tap, it dispenses steaming hot water. The majority of models are filtered, reducing limescale and other nasty tasting chemicals while some will also aerate and soften your water, ideal for those living in hard water areas.

They use less energy than kettles, too – and not just in standby mode. According to Expert Energy, an instant hot water tap that keeps the water at a constant temperature uses half as much active energy as a conventional electric kettle in operation.

While they do add a little to the cost of your kitchen, it’s an investment that will save you money and time over the long term. Whether you’re used to filling and waiting on a kettle, fumbling around with your microwave or cranking up the gas stove to boil water for pasta, an instant hot water tap will streamline your cooking, leaving you more time to relax.

Because they’re insulated, you can’t accidentally spill the water or turn it on by mistake and most come fitted with a safety catch that will only release water once it’s been fully depressed. And, unlike kettles, they won’t get hot to the touch and will be out of reach for pets or forgetful family members. instant hot water tap

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