Jungle Wallpaper – Transform Your Living Space Into a Tropical Paradise

Jungle wallpaper has become a very popular interior design trend over the last years. It perfectly complements exotic decorative elements such as Moroccan, Turkish or tribal motifs and creates a fascinating melange of styles. It also goes well with contemporary design styles such as Bohemian or Eclectic. This combination of different elements is an excellent way to make your interior feel unique and individual.

Tropical and jungle-themed wallpapers feature a wide range of flora and fauna and offer a sense of escapism and enchantment that can transform your living space into a jungle paradise. Palms, banana leaves and lush tropical flowers are the typical motifs of these wallpapers, creating an opulent botanical theme. Often, these designs are also enhanced with colourful animal motifs such as monkeys, giraffes or birds in beautiful colours to add an extra dimension to your wall decor.

These jungle wallpapers are available in a wide range of colour palettes, from rich greens to earthy browns and deep purples. Depending on the look you want to achieve, these jungle-inspired designs can be combined with other colours such as neutrals or vibrant pinks and blues. They are also perfect when combined with tropical style furniture such as rattan sofas or chairs.

Many jungle-themed designs are also available in a trompe l’oeil effect. This kind of wallpaper makes a fantastic feature wall and helps to create the illusion of depth and height in your room. It is easy to hang and works wonderfully when paired with other tropical-style features such as rattan or bamboo furniture.

This type of design is a great option for children’s rooms as it can help to inspire their imagination. Whether it’s a brightly coloured tropical scene featuring all their favourite animals from monkeys and flamingos to exotic tigers and parrots or an underwater adventure with a variety of colourful sea creatures, these wallpapers are sure to delight your little ones!

Adding a jungle wallpaper to your home is an easy way to transform any room. It’s especially suited to the bedroom or a child’s nursery, creating a beautiful backdrop for their stories and dreams. It can be matched with a plush bed or velvet headboard to add a touch of luxury or even some exotic plants to create a botanical escape.

The tropical and jungle-inspired wallpaper collection at Wallmur offers a huge choice of designs to suit any room in your home. From bold jungle prints to more delicate floral designs, there’s something for everyone. All of our jungle wallpapers are made with quality materials and eco-friendly inks. They are also easy to wipe clean, making them a great choice for busy homes and families. All our wallpapers are printed on a non-woven substrate that’s thicker and more durable than traditional vinyl. It’s easy to hang too, simply peel and stick for a quick and simple makeover. Papier peint jungle

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