Pre Insulated Ductwork Delivers Comfort and Efficiency at the Same Time

In the current climate of rising energy costs, net zero goals and lingering pandemic concerns about air quality, mechanical engineers and building services installers face an ever-growing set of challenges. To meet these demands, it is important that systems are designed to operate at optimal efficiency whilst maintaining a high level of comfort for building occupants.

One solution that can help deliver these goals is pre insulated ductwork. In particular, Kingspan KoolDuct System is an innovative pre-insulated phenolic rectangular HVAC duct that uses PIR/PU insulation to provide superior thermal performance, acoustic comfort and environmental sustainability.

The system provides a number of benefits to specifiers, installers and project teams. The pre-insulated duct is lightweight and can be installed in a single installation, eliminating the need for a manual lagging process, making it much quicker to install than traditional galvanised sheet steel ducting. It also saves on the cost of lagging materials and reduces labour time on site.

Furthermore, the pre-insulated duct is highly airtight and can be cut or modified on site to suit the design of the installation. This flexibility allows for a faster installation and can result in electrical consumption savings over the life of the installation.

The duct is also designed with a fibre-free rigid insulation core, minimising the risk of loose fibres entering the distribution of the airstream. This feature, along with the acoustic comfort of CLIMAVER ventilation ducts, will ensure a healthy indoor environment for building occupants.

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