The Silver Menorah – A Symbol of Jewish Identity

The menorah is a symbolic seven-branched candelabrum that is described in the Torah (Books of Moses) as being used in the Tabernacle, and later on in the Temple. It is an important symbol for Jewish identity throughout history, and was adopted as the State of Israel’s emblem after its establishment in 1948.

A silver menorah is a beautiful addition to any home, whether it is contemporary or traditional in design. Its presence in your living room can help you reflect on the continuity of Judaism and the Jewish people. It reminds you of the miracle of Hanukkah, when a single candle burned for eight nights.

ICOJ carries a wide selection of menorahs in various styles and materials, from the elegant to the whimsical. They are all handmade by Israeli artisans and craftspeople, and the beauty of the pieces is only rivaled by their durability.

Silver is often used for Judaica because of its durability and ability to retain its shine. A quality silver menorah is a lasting piece that can be passed down from generation to generation.

In a recent story published in the New York Times, the grandson of a Holocaust survivor remembers being enchanted by his father’s silver menorah. After his father died of tuberculosis, the young David Rubin was sent to Bellefaire, a Jewish institution in Cleveland for orphans and children from broken homes. At Bellefaire, Shabbat observance and the major Jewish holidays were an integral part of life. Rubin cherished his father’s menorah and carried it with him throughout his life. silver menorah

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