Tissot Watch Repair Near Me

Tissot is a Swiss watch brand founded in 1853. The brand has a long history of creating iconic watches that are affordable and well made. The brand has strong ties to sports (like Basketball, racing and more) and this tends to inform some of their designs.

In modern times the company is known for its affordable swiss mechanical chronographs offered in their Swissmatic line. They also continue to innovate with new technologies such as solar power and bluetooth connectivity.

One of the most common repairs performed on a Tissot watch is resizing the band. This is typically done after the wearer gains or loses weight and needs the watch re-sized to fit properly. Resizing the band is usually a quick and simple process that only involves adding or removing links from the watch strap.

The cost of resizing a Tissot watch band will depend on the style of the strap and material. In general, a leather watch band can be resized for as little as $20 and metal bands may run $100’s depending on the material and strap style.

Another popular repair is replacing the battery and gaskets. The gaskets are what keep the watch water resistant and it’s important to have them replaced regularly as they deteriorate over time. It is recommended to replace them anytime the case back is opened or when any work on the watch is performed. When the gaskets are replaced they are cleaned in an ultrasonic tank and a special silicone grease is applied to prevent them from cracking or leaking again in the future.

A complete Tissot watch service will typically cost around $130-$220 depending on the model and movement of the watch. A partial service will be less expensive, but it will still include replacing the battery and any broken external parts, cleaning the case and bracelet (and shortening if requested), replacing crowns, pushers and crystals (except shaped sapphire or crystal), gaskets, and testing for water resistance.

Tissot is known for its innovation and pioneering spirit. The company was founded in 1853 in the village of Le Locle, Switzerland and continues to operate from the same location today. Tissot has become a global leader in both technology and manufacturing while staying true to their Swiss heritage. The “plus” in the Tissot logo symbolizes this spirit of innovation and quality that the brand is renowned for.

Tissot is a member of the Swatch Group and has been named Official Timekeeper and Partner for many disciplines throughout its history. These partnerships include basketball with the NBA and FIBA; motorsports with MotoGP and WEC; and more. These partnerships demonstrate the quality and expertise that Tissot brings to the world of watches. Tissot watch repair near me

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