What Is Counselling?

Counselling is a form of talk therapy that allows you to discuss your feelings with a trained professional. This can help you understand your problems better and work towards positive changes in your life. It can be done individually or in groups, face to face, online or over the telephone.

The counselling process focuses on developing a warm relationship with the client and building trust so that they feel comfortable discussing their problems. Usually the therapist will ask open questions to encourage the client to talk about their issues and explore their thought processes. They will also use reflective listening to show that they understand and to validate their clients’ feelings and thoughts. They may even use humour to lighten the mood and help break down some of the barriers that can come up in conversation.

Most counselling therapists specialise in different areas, so you can choose one who is best for you. They can also be trained to support people with a wide range of mental health difficulties including anxiety, depression and trauma. You can choose to see a therapist alone, with your partner or as part of a group session for people experiencing similar issues.

There is often a confusion between counselling and psychotherapy, although they are quite different. Counselling is more focused on dealing with specific problems and can be short term, while psychotherapy is a more in-depth exploration of deeper emotional struggles. For some, a mixture of both is needed, and for others one or the other is more appropriate. https://milton-keynes.transformation-coach.co/

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