What is Family Mediation?

Family mediation is an informal and non-confrontational process that allows parties to discuss their issues in a safe space with the help of a trained mediator. It is a less expensive and quicker alternative to litigation and provides the parties with an opportunity to work out their own agreement that suits them and their family rather than having one imposed on them by a judge.

The aim is to assist the parties in reaching a resolution of their issues through structured discussions with the mediator, which can be conducted online or face to face and in the same room or separately. It is also flexible as to how long it takes to complete. Generally, it is completed in two to three sessions.

During the process the mediator will try to promote communication and understanding, as well as trying to identify areas of common ground for negotiation. They will ensure both parties are given equal opportunity to express their concerns so that the negotiation is not too one-sided. The mediator may also suggest meeting with children of the family to get their perspective and allow them the opportunity to discuss their feelings in a safe environment.

Before the sessions begin the mediator will usually ask for all relevant information and documentation. They may then hold an initial meeting (often called a MIAM, or Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting) to lay out all the details of your case and highlight how mediation can be beneficial to you as well as confirm whether or not you are suitable for family law mediation. https://yorkshire.lakesmediation.co.uk/

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